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What is is a project of Zaka Group Private Limited to provide easy online installment facility to masses of Pakistan. By providing a wide range of products like Mobile phones, laptops, motorbikes, home appliances , furniture and much more.

How works?2017-05-05T11:48:08+00:00

A visitor selects the product from our categories and checks out using payment options after providing complete address and contact details. Our team processes the order and takes necessary action accordingly.

Does have a showroom or live display?2017-05-05T11:48:17+00:00

Yes has a signature showroom in Lahore at Lajna Chowk, next to Allied Bank, College Road, Township. Lahore.

What payments options are available on

The payment options are:

  1. Direct bank transfer
  2. Cash on delivery (COD)
  3. Request for Installments
  4. Online via EasyPay or Online Banking
How can I request for installments for a particular product?2017-05-05T11:48:35+00:00

There are 2 methods:

  1. Click on installment calculator and order form on the home page, or on the link present in every product. Make your own plan using installment calculator, fill the form and submit your order.
  2. Just select the product of your choice and select “Pay In Steps” button just like checkout. Complete address, contact and other details must be provided. Once installment request is received, our inquiry officer contacts you and schedules a meeting with you for prerequisites.
How long it takes for delivery of products?2017-05-05T11:48:44+00:00

It usually takes 1-2 days to deliver the product after inquiry is completed. But our team makes sure it is delivered in least amount of time.

What is criteria of installments on

The requester should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must have a valid CNIC.
  • Must be permanent resident of that particular city.
  • Must provide 2 guarantors and cheque of remaining product price(other than advance) as security.
How much markup we charge per month?2017-05-05T11:49:01+00:00

We charge 3.7% per month.

What is the maximum tenure of installments?2017-05-05T11:49:10+00:00

The maximum tenure for installments of Mobiles, laptops, Home appliances and other gadgets is maximum up to 12 months. However for motorbikes it can be up to 18 months.

In which cities are we currently working?2017-05-31T20:24:32+00:00 is currently working in Lahore, Kasur, Gujranwala and Faisalabad. With plans of expansion in near future.

Can I get a product on installments without paying any advance ?2017-05-05T11:49:26+00:00

Yes, a person can get a product up to Rs 20,000 without paying any advance, In such case he/she has to pay the first installment only. Refer to installment calculator to make your own plan without advance.

Can I get any such product on installments which is not listed on

Yes, can request for such product which is not listed on In such case you can write an email to mentioning your required product. Our team will get back to you. For any further queries, feel free to contact us at or call at 0300-8622866.

How can I earn from Atombuddy Force?2018-02-06T13:19:59+00:00

Just share any product link with your friends or family with your atombuddy force number or generate an automated URL and share it on Social Media. To learn more about it go to and watch the video in the bottom.

What is Atombuddy Force?2018-02-06T13:20:08+00:00

Atombuddy Force is a platform for everyone to earn money by selling our products with their reference.

Who will be getting the incentive?2018-02-06T13:18:03+00:00

Cash back will be given only against transaction performed through MA online.

Only New-MA subscribers will be eligible for cash back where New-MA means the customer who have not performed OPS transaction this year.

What is the Cashback incentive?2018-02-06T13:19:45+00:00

Customer would be eligible for maximum up to 10% of cash back within a month with cap of PKR 500 (Maximum)

How will customers get their Cashback?2018-02-06T13:22:11+00:00

Cashback will be posted in 2 working days from the time transaction is performed by customer

When is the Campaign starting?2018-02-06T13:23:01+00:00

The Cash Back campaign is live from 3rd Feb

How do I make a mobile account for Easypay?2018-02-06T18:25:03+00:00

For Telenor Users – *786# to open your mobile account

For other Mobile number users – Download Easypaisa App from for android and IOS to register

Both Telenor and OMO customers can also register their Easypaisa accounts via below link